From Vishneva’s formidable technique to her musicality, her exquisite purity of style and her sheer artistry, she cannot be beaten.
The Financial Times, 2008 

…Ask me to break down what exactly Vishneva does to bring that about, dancing the same steps thousands of ballerinas have danced before her, and I'm at a loss. Better to ask by what measure of glue, wood and design a Stradivarius gets its tone.
The Washington Post, 2010

She is that rare jewel. Lean, beautiful, athletic, lyrical, theatrical and spontaneous – a nearly unmatched package achieved through god-given physical talent, artistic insight, and plain determination.
The Orange County Register, 2008 

In recent seasons, Diana Vishneva has been involved in projects that break down established concepts of what a ballet star is. It is projects created specifically for her – Beauty in Motion and Dialogues – that have had the greatest resonance. For these projects, the ballerina invited choreographers of international repute – Alexei Ratmansky, Paul Lightfoot and Sol Léon, John Neumeier and Moses Pendleton. In order to assimilate new styles, she has not only had to travel to different ends of the Earth – she has also had to immerse herself in the work of these choreographers’ companies, surprising dance colleagues with her thoughtfulness.
Vedomosti, 2011 

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