Luca: Hi Diana, I'm in St Petersburg this week... Yesterday I visited your studio "Context Pro" and on 18th and 19th I'll be at Mariinsky theatres for Jewels and Swan Lake. Any possibility to meet you somewhere here? With profound admiration Luca
Diana: Hi Luca, unfortunately I'm away from St.Peterburg this time so we can't meet. I hope you had good time in our studio
Tom: BDM Band are glad that you get to take a break for a bit. We think your work ethic is amazing along with natural ability & great beauty, we mention you in our music. Enjoy your holiday, cheers.. Beer Drinkin'Man Band
Diana: Thank you
Yuki Mina: Hello Diana, I really want to see your dancing. Will you have any plan to come to Japan in this summer for ballet festival? Best regards, Yuki
Diana: Hi Yuki. Unfortunately I will not participate in the festival this year. See you next time )
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