lea: Hi Diana, do you have any performances plan in europe for 2018? I am in Italy but open to travel to see you perform! Let me know! your dancing and interpretations are great inspirations, keep move people around you the way you do.
Diana: At the moment I'm taking little break. Once I confirm plans I will post my schedule on this website
Pierre Destrempes: “On 4 December New York hosted the annual awards ceremony of Dance Magazine, one of the most influential dance publications. One of the award-recipients this year was Mariinsky Theatre prima ballerina Diana Vishneva” [https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/news1/2017/12/07_2]: congratulations, Diana! I was very happy to hear your voice (speaking Russian) and to see you rehearsing in New York (some months ago) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=B89cU74DngY]! Thanks to ‘The New Yorker’ and to ‘Dance Magazine’ (http://www.dancemagazine.com/dance-magazine-award-winners-2476599799.html)!! Pierre Montreal Canada
Diana: thanks
Antonio: Hello. Bravo for your initiatives. Thank you for all that you transmit through the dance. Will you be back soon in paris ? I hope !!
Diana: Thanks. I hope I will visit Paris soon )
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