Alexandre VINOT: Hello Dear Diana, when will you comeback in France to dance, or in Europe. I have just discovered you, and you are the best ballerina that I never have seen in my life.... and will probably be the best of my life regarding your superiority. I love ballets, I spend 20 evening per year at opera de Paris to see ballet with french ballet. I hope that I will have opportunity to see you dancing... All the best for you...
Diana: Dear Alexandre^ thanks for your compliments. I guess we should meet in the theatre soon. I may come to Europe to perform soon. Please check back on my website in schedule section
Maya: Hi Diana! I was wondering where you learned your English so well? I'm trying to learn Russian, and it's so difficult!
Diana: I wouldn't say that my English is perfect, it can be obviously much better. You right, Russian is an easy language. Best of luck in your learning of my native language
Spyridon: Diana Dearest, I hope and wish all is well with you and yours. At this very moment I am wondering whether there is anything real, genuine left in this world other than maybe the unconditional love, dedication, devotion of a pet? A pet will love you the same whether you lived in a pauper's tent or a king's palace whether you were rich or poor. May I, please, ask what you think? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. As ever in art, Spyridon
Diana: Dear Spyridon. Nice to hear from you as always. I love pets, very much. Unfortunately due to my artistic life and schedule I can not afford to have one. It's not easy with all my travels. But I share your thoughts
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