Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, I have read the interview you have had recently with Oleg S. (Tass, September 26: http://tass.ru/opinions/interviews/4583902); you are open-minded, and that is how you do Russia good: opening doors: bravo! Pierre Destrempes Montreal Canada PS: I have read the interview with ‘Google Translate’ (https://translate.google.com/)…
Diana: Thank you Pierre
Laura: Hello Diana! I'm writing with the hopes of suprising my 9 year old daughter with tickets to see you perform! I've tried finding your schedule on line, but I'm unable to see past October 2017. Can you tell me when you will be back in US? Thank you!!
Diana: Unfortunately I don't plan US performances for the rest of 2017. Probably in 2018. Will let everyone know
Edwin Peter Jakubowski: Will you ever dance Bollero again? What are you planning for the future, with regards to ballet and performances? As a patron of the ABT you farewell has left a void.
Diana: I hope to dance Bolero again soon. Will focus on my career at Mariinsky, continue to promote my CONTEXT contemporary dance festival (which soon we hope to bring to US) and will help to develop my dance studio in St.Petersburg
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