Bran Davis: Not a question, but a huge grateful Thank You for giving a new interest and love in my declining years. I now spend all my days watching ballet and opera on youtube as I am disabled and housebound. My favourites are you, Alina and the Mariinsky.
Diana: Thank you
Ольга: Диана, добрый день! Есть ли шанс увидеть Вас в ноябре 2017 в Шанхае во время гастролей Мариинского театра? Или может в какие-то другие даты? Спасибо!
Diana: Нет. Весь ноябрь посвящен фестивалю "Context".
Anonymous: Dearest Diana, I am having a dilemma that has been on my mind for very long and I am hoping that you (my idol) can help me answer it. I am 12 years old and have started ballet last year. It is my passion and I am willing to give anything up for it. I have made big progress and my dream is to become a professional ballerina. I am not perfect yet, but do you think I have a chance of becoming professional? And what age is too late for entering a professional ballet school? Please answer dearest Diana, you are the only one that I truly can believe.
Diana: Hello. I don't think it's too late but it might be difficult to make leading classical companies. I don't know your level and it would be inappropriate for me to judge. Just so you know Rudolf Nureyev started his serious professional training around age of 16. Follow your dream
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