Эрнест: Голубушка, Диана, смейтесь! Я проиграл своё пари, С надеждой ожидая месяц, Что вы нажмёте “like” for free У размещённых в Вашем сайте Прелестных фото-коллажей. Ещё не вечер! Только дайте Мне кровь взять с лезвия ножей И разукрасить Ваши фото... Тогда уж точно Вас дойму: Чтоб избежать мои заботы, Вы мне предложите... хурму!
Diana: Что делать? Я люблю хурму! А вот про "like"я не пойму ... Хотя активно часто жму.
Alexia: Dearest Diana, I am wishing you a very Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 will be a wonderful year for you full of success, love, happiness and dance- in my opinion you are the best dancer in the world, and I hope you can continue dancing forever!! I hope that you have an amazing year and my wish is to see you dance in 2017! Lots of love and best wishes, Alexia
Diana: Thanks Alexia. My best wishes to you in this brand new 2017. See you soon
Spyridon: Diana Dearest, During my self-imposed isolation, I wrote a short one-act play, about 600 words. Whenever you have time, if you would kindly consider reading the play, it would be immensely appreciated. Your critique would be most valuable. In the event you agree to review it, where do I send the manuscript? Email or postal address? Thank you ever so much for your consideration! With artistic love, Spyridon
Diana: Dear Spyridon. Thanks for your message and congratulations with writing the play. You can send at: info@vishneva.ru
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