Alexia: Dearest Diana, I just read on your Playbill that you will be performing "Swan" in the Bolshoi Theatre on the 28th of November. Will you be performing the whole ballet of Swan Lake or just a fragment? I would love to see you dance Swan Lake! All my love, Alexia
Diana: Hi Alexia. It will be "Dying Swan" by Mikhail Fokin
Leo Haugaard: Hi Diana, You are so beautiful and a very- very good dancer. I like you so much. I have seen all your dancer videos on my Pc. Your are the best! Tank you and good luck. I hope you vill come to Denmark somme time! greatings Leo in Denmark.
Diana: thank you
antonella notaristefano: dear Diana where can i see where you will dance season 2016-17 because wish to much flight just for looking your amazing way of dance
Diana: I regularly post my schedule on this website. in section of 'playbill'
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