Edwin Peter Jakubowski: Will you ever dance Bollero again? What are you planning for the future, with regards to ballet and performances? As a patron of the ABT you farewell has left a void.
Diana: I hope to dance Bolero again soon. Will focus on my career at Mariinsky, continue to promote my CONTEXT contemporary dance festival (which soon we hope to bring to US) and will help to develop my dance studio in St.Petersburg
Bran Davis: Not a question, but a huge grateful Thank You for giving a new interest and love in my declining years. I now spend all my days watching ballet and opera on youtube as I am disabled and housebound. My favourites are you, Alina and the Mariinsky.
Diana: Thank you
Ольга: Диана, добрый день! Есть ли шанс увидеть Вас в ноябре 2017 в Шанхае во время гастролей Мариинского театра? Или может в какие-то другие даты? Спасибо!
Diana: Нет. Весь ноябрь посвящен фестивалю "Context".
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