Spyridon: Diana Dearest, In addition to a Happy Birthday, may I please ask whether you received the card I sent to your P.O. Box address in St. Petersburg? All the best for your birthday and ever! Spyridon
Diana: Hello Spyridon. I do not think I received one ( Very sorry. I will check once again
Jon: Dear Diana, So happy that I stumbled on a video "Bolshoi Babylon" that featured you. Since then I have followed you. I feel the blessing and talent that God gifted you with is communication. ..truly amazing. Your ability to convey a character on stage is at the highest level. Your dance is a beam of light in a time where there is so much uncertainty. I can't tell you how much I respect you for your tireless dedication, pain, and hardships you have had to endure. I wish you good health and God's love. Jon
Diana: Thank you Jon
parisa mousavi: hello my hero my name is parisa im Iranian. now im 21 years old I started ballet about 4 month because of my country we don't have enough place for ballet but my ballet teacher is perfect and I practice a lot can you think that oneday I can be star in this field
Diana: thanks! follow your dream. all the best to you
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