Anonymous: Dearest Diana, I am having a dilemma that has been on my mind for very long and I am hoping that you (my idol) can help me answer it. I am 12 years old and have started ballet last year. It is my passion and I am willing to give anything up for it. I have made big progress and my dream is to become a professional ballerina. I am not perfect yet, but do you think I have a chance of becoming professional? And what age is too late for entering a professional ballet school? Please answer dearest Diana, you are the only one that I truly can believe.
Diana: Hello. I don't think it's too late but it might be difficult to make leading classical companies. I don't know your level and it would be inappropriate for me to judge. Just so you know Rudolf Nureyev started his serious professional training around age of 16. Follow your dream
Spyridon: Diana Dearest, In addition to a Happy Birthday, may I please ask whether you received the card I sent to your P.O. Box address in St. Petersburg? All the best for your birthday and ever! Spyridon
Diana: Hello Spyridon. I do not think I received one ( Very sorry. I will check once again
Jon: Dear Diana, So happy that I stumbled on a video "Bolshoi Babylon" that featured you. Since then I have followed you. I feel the blessing and talent that God gifted you with is communication. ..truly amazing. Your ability to convey a character on stage is at the highest level. Your dance is a beam of light in a time where there is so much uncertainty. I can't tell you how much I respect you for your tireless dedication, pain, and hardships you have had to endure. I wish you good health and God's love. Jon
Diana: Thank you Jon
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