Amalia: Dear Diana,congratulations for your great performances!You are an amazing ballerina,very devoted to your hard work!Do you have any plans for visiting Athens in the near future?If so,please let me know.Greece loves you!
Diana: Thanks Amalia. I'll be, in fact, in Athens in the end of August. Not perfuming, just visiting friends ) Love Greece!
Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, I have recently read an article ( about Alexander Markov, a violinist who was born in Moscow, famous for his live performance of the 24 Paganini Caprices: he (possibly still) lives nearby Carnegie Hall (in New York); maybe have you met him… Enjoy your two performances in New York (June 19 and June 23)! Pierre
Diana: Thanks Pierre
Spyridon: Dear Diana, May I please share the following excerpt from a recent oration of a Naturalist: As many bad events are happening in our world today, we need to periodically stop, and consider what is truly important, such as visit a forest and let ourselves indulge, immerse, into its tranquil beauty. Best of success in Onegin! Appreciatively, Spyridon
Diana: Thank you Spyridon
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