Spyridon: Diana Dearest, I hope and wish all is well with you and yours. At this very moment I am wondering whether there is anything real, genuine left in this world other than maybe the unconditional love, dedication, devotion of a pet? A pet will love you the same whether you lived in a pauper's tent or a king's palace whether you were rich or poor. May I, please, ask what you think? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. As ever in art, Spyridon
Diana: Dear Spyridon. Nice to hear from you as always. I love pets, very much. Unfortunately due to my artistic life and schedule I can not afford to have one. It's not easy with all my travels. But I share your thoughts
Луиза : Здравствуйте, Диана! Хотела бы узнать, планируете ли вы выступать в этом году на фестивале "Звезды белых ночей"? Особенно меня интересует партия Джульетты, ярчайшие воспоминания о которой я храню с прошлогоднего выступления, и за которую я вам бесконечно благодарна. Спасибо!
Diana: Возможно буду танцевать "Анну Каренину" в июле.
Claudia : Dear Diana, will you perform in Germany this year? Best wishes to you, Claudia
Diana: Hello. At the moment I have no plans to perform in Germany
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