Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, Unfortunately you will not be onstage at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow as ‘The Dying Swan’ November the 28th: my best wishes for a speedy recovery! Sincerely, Pierre
Diana: Unfortunately due to illness I will not be able to take part in this concert. Thanks for your wishes
Alexia: Hello dearest Diana, I was just reading your playbill and I saw that the next time you will perform (after the 28th of November) will be in June 2017. Do you know if you will be performing anytime sooner? For example in January 2017? Thank you so much and I wish you all the best! Lots of love, Alexia
Diana: Hi Alexia. I will perform in Baden Baden with Mariinsky ballet on December 21 and 27. I regularly update my schedule so check back
Valentina: Dear Ms. Vishneva, I wonder if the next December you will participate at the Mariinsky tour in Baden-Baden. I'll be there and it would be great! Thanks.
Diana: I will perform on Dec 21 and 27
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