Lee: Dear Diana, I'm a huge fan of yours from China. I've watched many of your perfomances via video and was deeply touched by your marvelous dance. I'm so excited that I'll be able to watch your live perfomance in Shanghai this month, and I just can't wait to see you! By the way, it's said that a photo-book was published last year commemorating your 20 years career in Mariinsky. I wonder on which website can I purchase it? or is it only available in local bookstores in Russia? Many thanks and warmest welcome to Shanghai!
Diana: thank you Lee. I'm looking forward to my visit to Shanghai. regarding the book: unfortunately at this time it's only available in Russia. we making large effort finding ways to get this book to foreign country. the demand is very high )) perhaps we'll sell it through Facebook store or through similar sources. stay tune
Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, Some words about the ‘World Ballet Day 2016’: October the 4th, last Tuesday, live from Moscow, online, I saw Makhar Vaziev (the new ‘ballet director' at the Bolshoi Theatre, a former ‘director’ (1995-2008) at the Mariinsky Theatre) coaching: from my point of view, his humiliating attitude is certainly not the best way to help ballerinas and dancers to perform at their highest level. Pierre
Diana: Pierre, you have all the rights to express your own opinion. Mr. Vaziev, I assume, has same rights coach the way he feel comfortable. It's not for me to judge his style of teaching
Emily Joshi-Powell: Dear Diana, I just read that you are retiring from ABT, it makes me so sad to think I won't be able to see you dance anymore. Are you staying with the Mariinsky? Will I be able to come to St. Petersburg to see you dance? All the best and thank you for every performance.
Diana: Hi Emily. I'm not thinking about retirement at all and will continue my career at the Mariinsky so you welcome to come to beautiful St.Petersburg. I've done a lot with ABT so it's time for the next chapter
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